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What is MediSave Care?

Personal and family savings are an important source of funding for long-term care needs. Singaporeans aged 30 and above who have developed severe disability can tap on their own and/or their spouse's MediSave to fund their long-term care needs.

They can withdraw up to $2,400/year (or $200/month) as cash to supplement their long-term care needs. However, a minimum of $5,000 will need to be set aside in their MediSave account to ensure there is sufficient MediSave for other medical expenses such as MediShield Life premiums or hospitalisations, and cannot be withdrawn. Individuals who have insufficient MediSave balances can choose to tap on their spouse's MediSave to supplement the withdrawal, up to a combined total of $200 per month per individual. The table below shows the eligible withdrawal amounts.

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MediSave Care

MediSave Balance1 Monthly Withdrawal Quantum
$20,000 and above $200
$15,000 and above $150
$10,000 and above $100
$5,000 and above $50
Below $5,000 N.A.

1MediSave balance at point of monthly withdrawal.

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