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When are you eligible to claim?

You can make a claim if you are assessed by a MOH-accredited severe disability assessor to be unable to perform at least three out of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).


The ability to wash in the bath or shower (including getting into and out of the bath or shower) or wash by other means.


The ability to put on, take off, secure and unfasten all garments and, as appropriate, any braces, artificial limbs or other surgical or medical appliances.


The ability to feed oneself food after it has been prepared and made available.


The ability to use the lavatory or manage bowel and bladder function through the use of protective undergarments or surgical appliances if appropriate.

Walking or Moving Around

The ability to move indoors from room to room on level surfaces.


The ability to move from a bed to an upright chair or wheelchair, and vice versa.

How do you make a claim?

To make a claim, you should arrange with a MOH-accredited severe disability assessor for an assessment and submit a claim application to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). Please visit for more information on how to make a claim. 

Are there any fees involved?

The severe disability assessment fee is $100 for a clinic assessment, and $250 for a house call. The fee is waived if it is your 1st assessment for CareShield Life. If this is not your 1st assessment, the assessor will collect an assessment fee from you. The full fee will be reimbursed with your first payout if you are assessed to have developed severe disability. Please visit for more information on how to make a claim.