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3 key benefits for ElderShield

1. Lifetime coverage

You continue to be covered for life and can make a claim at any age, even after you have completed paying all your premiums. The final ElderShield premium payable is for the policy year in which you are still age 65 at the start of the policy year. 

2. Monthly cash payouts

If you develop severe disability, you will be eligible to receive monthly cash payout for up to 5 or 6 years, depending on the plan. The cash payouts will provide you and your caregiver the flexibility to decide on your desired care arrangements (e.g. home care or nursing home care).

ElderShield policyholders are covered under one of two basic ElderShield plans:

  If you joined ElderShield on or after 30 September 2007 If you joined ElderShield between 30 September 2002 and 29 September 2007
ElderShield400 ElderShield300
Payout Amount $400/month $300/month
Payout Duration Up to 72 months
(six years)
Up to 60 months
(five years)
3. Worldwide coverage

You will remain covered, be able to make a claim regardless of where you are residing, and receive payouts.

Supplements can be purchased from the private insurers should you wish to have higher coverage or benefits beyond those provided by the ElderShield scheme.