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Why is there a drop in the monthly amount I receive under the MediSave Care Scheme?

The withdrawable amount depends on your and/or your Spouse’s MediSave balance as shown in the table below.

MediSave Balance Maximum Monthly Withdrawal Amount
$20,000 and above $200
$15,000 and above $150
$10,000 and above $100
$5,000 and above $50
Below $5,000 N.A.

There is a drop in the amount you receive under MediSave Care Scheme because there are changes to your and/or your spouse’s MediSave balances, at the point of withdrawal.

For more information on MediSave Care, you may click here.


What do I need to do now that there is a drop in the withdrawal amount under the MediSave Care Scheme?

You may wish to tap on your Spouse’s MediSave (if applicable) for your long-term care needs by contacting Agency for Integrated Care at 1800-650-6060 or Your Spouse will need to authorise the withdrawals from his/her MediSave under the MediSave Care Scheme.

No action is required if you wish to continue withdrawing from your own MediSave only.